A Lifetime To Go

One Year Anniversary Dinner

We began celebrating with dinner the night of Saturday, June 30th which is our actual anniversary. During the day, we had so much running around and packing to do, so the dinner was perfect timing for us. On Friday, I took off to run a few errands to include picking up our wedding cake from the venue where we got married. They remade the top portion of our cake for our anniversary so we didn’t have to freeze it. A lot of venues are doing it this way now….only for your one year of course. I couldn’t leave it plain, so I took some of the flowers from our ceremony to decorate it and completed it with a simple topper. I was very pleased with the results. Getting back to dinner which was at this beautiful Greek restaurant in Baltimore called Ouzo BayThe restaurant was on the water. There was a lot of construction going on, but it also revealed how nice it’s going to be once the project is complete. For appetizers, we tried their Lamb Meatballs and their most popular dish Grilled Octopus. I was skeptical about ordering this after some pictures I saw online, but I’m glad I took the chance. Lord have mercy….if you ever go….GET IT! For our main dishes, Brandon had the Locally raised Lamb Shank and I had the Scottish Salmon. The food was worth every penny as this place is pretty pricey. We bought our wedding cake to the restaurant for dessert. We had a beautiful time here! 

After dinner, we opened our cards to each other and off to bed to get some shut eye. We had flights to catch in the morning. Check out our Anniversary vacation…Enjoy!




















Don’t worry, your not seeing double…we ended up getting each other the exact same card. We had so much running around to do that we almost forgot to get each other cards. We drove to Walgreens together and picked out cards for each other. I made him step away until I found mine and I did the same. How coincidental! I bought Brandon a few more I couldn’t resist. There is nothing like a good card for a good man!!!


What a beautiful gift from a girl friend of mine. She is one of the most thoughtful, loyal people I know. You might know her, she comments on pretty much every blog I’ve ever posted. She always talks about how she loves our love. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, love, and support through our life journey. Thanks for being there Shakei kei!




2 thoughts on “A Lifetime To Go

  1. Aww thanks so much friend! Man it’s crazy to think I have been around and witnessed you guys get back together and fall in love and now here we are. Such a great journey. I still love your love. And I can’t wait to see what the future hold for you two!

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