Meet My Kalipoo

I don’t think I ever introduced you to the little fur ball in my life. Her name is Kali and she is a Maine coon mix with green eyes and a gorgeous coat. I got this little one in 2009 when I was living in an apartment that only allowed cats if you wanted a four legged something to come home to. So I found an advertisement in the Penny Savers (not sure if this even exists anymore so I might have just dated myself) for a women giving away a liter of 12. At the time, Brittany worked at an animal hospital so I figured she knew best so I sent her and a friend to pick out the best little furry companion for me they could fine. They met the lady in a Giant Food parking lot where she had them in a box.  My sister loves orange cats with blue eyes, but apparently, the one she saw belonged in a circus and had a bit more energy then she knew I was looking for. My Kali was in the corner looking at the rest of them like, we can’t possibly be related. My sister had a good feeling about her, so she wrapped her up and bought her home. Did I mentioned I’m allergic to cats…but not all of them. The test was to bring a cat home and see if I have a reaction to her.  After 3 hours past of no sneezing, scratchy throat and my eyes didn’t swell shut…we realized Kali had passed the test!

This year she turned 9 years old. They grow so fast.  Here are a few pictures from the day I got her in the pink bed through today. Enjoy!




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