Thirty Days Left…

Happy Engagement Celebration

On Saturday, May 28th we were invited to a dinner in our honor by Aunt Mel to celebrate us. Both of our families were invited to dine with us at Ted’s Montana Grill in Crystal City. We were so touched by her generosity and all the preparation she went through to put everything together.  Her excitement and thoughtfulness has been overflowing since the day we got engaged. We love and appreciate you Aunt Mel!

The rain streak just would not let up so it was raining when we arrived. There were a good amount of bikers coming in from the Rolling Thunder Run event at the same time we got there. It was great to see that many people involved in such a good cause. One of our favorite things about this night was the gift Aunt Mel gave us. She arrived with a large box and suggested we open immediately. In it was a beautiful frame that read “Mr. & Mrs. Macon, June 30, 2017…she had it engraved. I’m a complete sucker for gifts from the heart and this one could not have come from anywhere else. The rest of the night was filled with great conversation, food food and more food, and a strawberry short cake for dessert with a candle we blew out together. We also celebrated Mama June’s Birthday which is today…she looks amazing might I add! The rain held up just enough for pics afterwards …though my hair was on it’s way out. We looked at this dinner as our wedding kick off.

We cherished everyone moment of our time here and enjoyed seeing our families together and having a wonderful time. Enjoy!
















30 Days and counting…Yay!



7 thoughts on “Thirty Days Left…

  1. You are wearing that dress missy!! I love it! The pics are amaze balls as usual. And I love the frame Aunt Mel gave you guys. Just a start to your new beginning. The BIG day is coming. So excited for you both. And as always ….. I LOVE YOUR LOVE


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