New Edition

My First Maternity Photo Session

I had the pleasure of doing my first maternity photo session for some good friends of ours. It took place in Savage, MD where you can also find the Savage Mills shopping center. It rained for days prior to so the trail that led to the water was blocked off. The moment we got there and began it started drizzling and the sun was in and out along with it being muggy. All kinds of things were working against us but we fought back. A little further in it decided to start raining all together, but they came prepared. They had towels to wipe things down and sit on so they wouldn’t mess up their clothes. The umbrella added another gorgeous splash of color to the pictures in my opinion.  Everything worked out beautifully and by the time we wrapped up the sun was out and shining.

I enjoyed you guys and can’t wait to work with you again as you move forward in life with your gorgeous family!













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