I SAID YES!!!!!!

Hey there everyone! It’s been quite some time since you have heard from me, but I was too busy getting engaged. This blog post might sound a bit all over the place because I am still on all kinds of clouds so bare with me. Grammatical errors and all!


On Christmas Eve I received this picture from my dad through a text message. It’s a picture of him and Brandon playing checkers. The caption read “what’s wrong with this picture?”. As you can see Brandon is loosing….TERRIBLY!!! So that’s what I sent back to my dad, laughed, and never really thought anything else about it. This was the day Brandon went to my parents house to get my parents blessing. Apparently my dad said he was going to tell him he had to play him for my hand, but thank goodness he didn’t because Brandon lost twice. LOL!


Fast Forward to Christmas Day! We are down stairs opening gifts as Brandon sets his GoPro on the book shelf in the living room. I said to him “oh, video this year…good idea!”….his response to me was “yeah I figure we didn’t use it last year so why not do something different”. My hair was in pin curls, I had on some pink pants and a white tank top but, you know I’m all for preserving moments in any way possible! After we finished opening our gifts I proceed to thank him for everything and told him I loved my gifts. His response was “wait, there is one more”. He brings me a little white box that is labeled to Mrs. from Mr. I honestly didn’t think anything about it until I opened the box. From that point on I was just trying to breathe. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast. Brandon got down on one knee and and asked “would you do me the honor of being my wife”. When I was finally able to think, smile, and form some words I said YES!!!!! He slid the ring on my finger with shaky hands. We hugged, we kissed and then it began!

The box ripped when I pulled the bow off…sad face…



I was in such shock I didn’t know what to do with myself….literally! I started walking back and forth grinning from ear to ear. It’s like I had this inner glow and excitement I couldn’t keep contained. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and closed it, opened the microwave and closed it. I told him I needed something to drink and to sit down….then I said never mind. I could not stop shaking out of happiness so we finally got me sitting down and I decided I was going to eat something……THAT DID NOT GO WELL! My tummy was waaaaay too excited for food. Eventually he took my hand and we went and sat down together to continue to bask in the moment. My reaction was nowhere near what I rehearsed. AHAHAHA! I’m only serious!

Fast Forward to when we arrived to my parents house to enjoy Christmas Brunch and to show off my new Christmas hardware. My mom opens the door and I walk in cheesing from ear to ear. I let out this super goofy laugh because that was all I could do at the moment. I know she was waiting for me to say something, but I was still taking it all in, eventually I said “look mom I’m engaged”.  She says “Ooooooooh Congratulations guys! It’s beautiful! I have a son now!” We all hugged and laughed. Next, Brittany walked in and says “what’s that…wait is this real?” She drags me all over the house to get the perfect light for the pics she took on her phone and then proceeds to ask if she can post it and send it out to everyone. I told her she would have to wait. Next up, Papa El walks in as Brandon calls him. He tried to contain it, but he is like a big kid, he was sooooo dagon excited about the news. I’m a daddy’s girl so his excitement meant everything to me. Granny started singing and dancing when she heard the news.  Mind you all day I had not told a soul. We were heading to his families house later on for dinner and I wanted to make sure they knew before I told anyone and posted on any social media. I never thought I could keep such valuable information to myself for so long.



Lastly, we went to dinner at his parents house! Our Christmas Holiday works so nicely since my family does the breakfast or brunch and his family does dinner. Next year we plan to have everyone under one roof. We arrived and bought all the gifts inside while everyone was eating at the dining room table. I walked over to the table and held my hand right under the chandelier and BAM!!! Aunt Mel’s mouth fell open! She was so surprised she jumped up from the table and hugged us both. Aunt Eunice and Chantell gave us their blessings! Pop Macon as I call him (Brandon’s Dad) said “that’s a mighty fine ring you got there!” Mama June said I’m so excited for the next chapter of your lives and that I have a daughter now.  She has always called me that but now it was official. The high continued! I’ve always felt like a part of their family anyways so this was just further confirmation.




I can’t wait to do life with you babes!!!







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