Family Vacation in Corolla, North Carolina (OBX)

Welcome to our family vacation in Corolla, North Carolina. This was a 5 hour trip for us. Tropical storm Hermine just finished showing her evil face prior to our arrival, so you can imagine the mess she left. We arrived to  our beach house to find the pool covered with leaves, branches and two chairs that sank to the bottom. This home was left a mess by the last tenants in which many up and left in the middle of the night due to the weather. The staff was running around like crazy trying to get the homes ready for the weekend arrivals. We did what we could to tidy things up a bit until they returned. The island was swarming with these insects called “midges” due to the storm. They sent letters to all the homes to alert them of the infestation I like to call it (slightly dramatic). I had never seen anything like it. Thankfully they were not on the beaches, but they were literally everywhere else from the houses to the cars, restaurant entry ways, etc. That was probably the most unpleasant part of our trip. Other than that the weather was perfect for the rest of our time on the island. We enjoyed good food, got some much-needed rest and relaxation had some good conversations while spending quality time together as a family. Pictures and links below….ENJOY!

Our home away from home….Sea Forever. This was our view from our deck where we could see the sun rise and set.

dscn6535-120160904_142851.jpg20160904_120504.jpgdsc_1313dsc_0489dsc_0468Corolla Beach 



Kitty Hawk Pier! Once on the island, this is one of the first places you will pass. It’s located behind the Hilton Inn Hotel. It was sad to see all the sea life that washed up on the shore from the storm. We saw all kinds of things to list a few: octopus, star fish, horse shoe craps, blue crabs, sea gulls, and other small creatures that were hiding in seashells. It just never occurred to me how much damage tropical storms could do to the sea life. On the other hand, it was nice to see people placing the ones they found alive back into the water so they could survive.


Dinner at Blue Point on the Duck Boardwalk. One of our top favorite restaurants on the island. Great overall experience with a nice view of the water and a sunset to top things off!


A nice walk on the beach at night. I have no idea how I accomplished this picture, but I thought it was neat. I’m pretty sure my lens was dirty which gave it this effect…LOL! The shell we found was rather large, but someone was still living in it so we put it back in the water.


Sunrise on the beach with a bonus double rainbow. What more can you ask for?


We decided to rent a jeep from Outer Banks jeep rentals. They have other company’s you can rent from but what we liked about this one is that it was $250 to rent one for 24 hours. The other company we found was $230 for two hours. You also have some different options such as ATV Horse Tours through Corolla Jeep Rentals . These activities and a few others allowed us to see the Wild Spanish Stallions on Carova Beach. You also had the option to look for sea glass, seashells, explore the historical town of Corolla Light and whatever else you could accomplish with in that 24 hours.


Leisure Activities



STEAMERS!!! Another family favorite restaurant with an overall awesome experience! If you go here, be sure to try the cheesecake. You WILL NOT be disappointed!


Island Sunsets


More Links…

Realty Companies:

Carolina Designs, Twiddy, Sunset Realty, Outer Banks Blue, Brindley Beach Vacation & Sales


The Life Saver Station at Sanderling Resort, Black Pelican, Steamers, Blue Point, Fat Crabs & Rib Company

Things to do in the Outer Banks:

Timbuck II Shopping CenterCorolla Wild Horse Tours, Outer Banks Jeep Rentals, Corolla Jeep Adventures, Kitty Hawk Kites (not just a kite rental place), Outer Banks Boat Tours and Cruises, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 





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  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome vacation pics! I can’t wait til our family vacation.


    1. SunnyD says:

      I can’t wait to see the pics from yours. Now you have a cheat sheet!


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