Rewind…Happy Easter from the Macon’s

Let the back tracking begin….don’t worry I won’t go too far back. Though Easter looked a little different this year it was an equally good time. Little B had his first Easter egg hunt, we dyed Easter eggs the night before. I tried the shaving cream dying method, but I was not impressed mind you I could have done it all wrong.

Easter Day we watched church that morning and gave him his Easter basket afterwards. This day was also a special day because myself, my mom and dad got our second vaccination. This was two days prior to Little B’s birthday. We all prayed that if we had any side effects that they would be minimal and pass quickly. Thankfully none of us had any. My anxiety levels were shot hearing about all the fun things everyone was dealing with after having received there’s. Was just relieved it was over.

Dinner that night was at my parents house. It was small and intimate but good as per usual. Everyone was also tired by then so there aren’t many pictures of this half of the day…ENJOY!


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