My Big Little Two Year Old

Hello everyone! It’s been way too long. I’ve finally managed to sit down and work on a blog. My next few blogs will probably back track a little since so much time has passed, but today I plan to rave about our little two year old as of April 6th. He had been singing happy birthday to himself for days. Precious! This is his second COVID birthday celebration, but hopefully he will be able to look back and have great stories to tell as we did our best to make them as fun as they would be during normal times. Our little guy is super blessed and happy so it made no difference to him. God could not have given us a more perfect kid. He is everything and more and then a little more than that! His birthday was on a Tuesday this year and he is in daycare so he ended up having three parties…..bare with me. We sent him to school so he could celebrate with his classmates where he had cupcakes, goodie bags and balloons. We only have a few pics from that which were not very clear so they are not included. If you have kids in daycare, most aren’t letting parents in so we were unable to be there for his party, take pics, etc. Then, we had a small family gathering with his grands and my sister that night. We had to make sure he was celebrated on his special day. We made his favorite foods, he had a fruit tart for dessert, even got a gift from a neighbor across the street whom we met upon moving into our new home about 7 months ago. It was so thoughtful for them to think of Brandon on his special day.

His actual birthday celebration was that weekend on Saturday, April 10th. We made it a point to celebrate him as if he was having friends over, but still only celebrated with those I named plus B2. Who is B2 you ask… sisters bestie. My Sister Brittany’s best friends name is Brittney as well. I think Little B thinks they come over to have play dates with him. They always have a crazy good time together. His favorite thing in life right now is all things that go so of course his birthday was truck themed. We bought decorations, a back drop, balloons, a cake topper, cupcakes topped with truck toppers, music playlist, matching family monster truck shirts, more of his favorite food, and I even learned to make a balloon garland that turned out pretty well even though we didn’t end up using it. I was quite proud of myself for that one. We also bought a moon bounce. The cost to rent one just didn’t make since versus purchasing one we could have for him to play on for years to come. He unfortunately didn’t care for it nor did he want anyone else to get on. It’s almost like he thought it was eating us. His reaction was somewhat fearful as he yelled “no no get out get out!” We were so sorry he felt that way but of course didn’t force him to get on. The pics you see of him in there are from me picking him up to help offer him some comfort while in there, but it only lasted a very short while.

I don’t know whether he had more fun taking the mini truck cupcake toppers off everyone’s cupcake and playing with them, dancing to the playlist we made for him, or playing with his new gifts but guess what….he enjoyed himself to the fullest! Made our hearts smile……ENJOY!

P.S – you can also see a little bit of our new home. We are still decorating but we are enjoying our space as well as having my parents move in 6 houses down. Talk about a blessing!!!!

Official Birthday Celebration


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    1. Hey Eliza!!! Yes all is well and we are all happy and safe. Hoping the same for you and your loved ones. Yes I am sooooo with you on getting this pandemic behind us. Thankful for this time of year. More enjoyable!

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