First Year of Life

Babies One Year Old Birthday Festivities

My baby boy is one years old. What a blessing! This little one has exceeded every expectation I could have ever had for my kid. I’m so thankful God chose us to be your parents. I’m grateful for our journey and how far we have already come. Time literally flew by but I think we did the best we could to enjoy as many moments as possible and or course I captured plenty on camera. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey called life with our little family.

We decided to celebrate Little B’s one year milestone all week.  His actual birthday was on April 6th. Especially since we had to do it with just the three of us and pretty much within the comfort of our own home due to the Coronavirus. Most people say he’s only one years old and won’t remember a thing which yes is probably very true, but it wasn’t just about what he would remember for us. It’s a blessing from God that he reached this stage of life and we don’t take that for granite. He will know that even in times like these there are ways to be creative and have fun. This time also allowed us to do something new with our family each day which kept us occupied and from getting bored. The baby pretty much entertains himself wherever he is so he is never bored! We have all these beautiful pictures and memories to look back on while celebrating his first year of life and and from his fun filled week. Check out some of the activities we did to celebrate our little guy. Enjoy!

Smash Cake

I was determined for my baby to have a smash cake photoshoot. So I got up and made him a cake with whatever we had at home to decorate with. I must say, I was pretty proud of my creation. What’s funny is the baby cared nothing about it. We set up the shoot, dressed him in his army fatigue outfit and sat him next to the cake to have at it. The first time he got up and walked off the set…Lol! The next few times he stared at it…and then walked off. Let me just say the monthly shoots I’ve done were never meant to be stressful for myself or him so eventually, I just let it go. I left everything set up for a bit to see what he would do and do you know he avoided the entire set up for the rest of the day. Lol! Of course the cake went into the trash since he cared nothing about it and it had been out all day. We even tried a new outfit. At some point, all we could do was laugh though we got a few cute shots. You will see I even sat in on one to help make it more exciting. Fail….and it’s ok! He had a great day and that’s all that matter.


First cupcake…

We set him in the back yard in his highchair and gave him his first cupcake. He loved it….even wanted to eat the giraffe I placed on top for decor.

One of Babies Gifts

Tunnel Maze with balls and basketball hoop at the end!

Bath Tub Yogurt Paint

This was a fun one…once the baby realized he could eat the paint he had a good time. He loves the water so I think he enjoyed seeing the colors go down the drain more than anything.


Balloon Party


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