11 Months Young

Our Little Big Boy

Take a look at how he has grown and developed

  • Takes 2 naps a day
  • Bedtime is between 6:30-7:00pm. 
  • Has four bottom front teeth with two more peeking.
  • Teething so he puts everything possible in his mouth. When he cant put in his mouth he goes to it. Like the floor or a window…Lol
  • Makes all kinds of fun noises to hear his own voice
  • Speaks some words: Mama, dada, BBb, truck, trash, shoe
  • Enjoys looking in the mirror
  • He whistles and knows to do it on queue…when he wants to.
  • Prefers to play with household items than his own toys.
  • Loves a nice big sheet of paper. He shakes it to hear the sounds it makes. Does not occupy him for as long as it use too.
  • Shakes whatever he can to make music and is always dancing. Loves the sound of morocco type things. 
  • Loves to be given praise….a good hand clap or a yay always puts a big smile on his face.
  • Has learned to clap his hands
  • Fascinated with shadows/shadow puppets, rays of light, reflections, etc.
  • Drinks very well from his sippie cup. No more lunch bottle….only milk from his sippie cup
  • Drinks two 6 ounce bottles a day
  • He eats three meals a day with 2 snacks a day in between
  • Folds hands to say his grace before meals
  • Practicing feeding himself with hands
  • Favorite foods: leafy greens, sweet potatoes squash, fruit, beans, spaghetti, blueberry muffins
  • Enjoys books, especially the ones that make sounds, and that have peekaboo flaps
  • Walking 
  • Waves hello or goodbye or just because
  • Likes throwing and dropping things…anything!
  • Recognizes commands: No, come here, go, yes, etc.
  • Still has some separation anxiety
  • He has temper tantrums. I can only imagine how hard it is when you can’t talk and say what you want and don’t want led alone what you are allowed to have and can’t have. So when we take something from him he really wants, the swinging, kicking and screaming begins. At this point we just respond firmly and seriously to correct this because he is still a baby and we can understand from his little point of view how frustrating this time is for him, but they must learn unfortunately like we all did.
  • Likes knocking things over…if I stack blocks or his legos, he will literally stop what he is doing to come over and crash my creation then go back to what he was doing.
  • Awesome fine motor skills! Baby turns light switches off and on with pointer finger, he spins wheels, knobs, gears, he opens and closes small things etc. He flips everything over to get a look at whats underneath. Engineer in the making! 
  • Still enjoys a good bath but not like he use to. He asks to get out now versus having to pull him out.
  • Doesn’t like laying down so diaper changes and putting on clothes can be interesting. We generally just give him something to occupy him and all is well.
  • Super wild sleeper! We often look on the monitor to see his feet where his head was…Lol
  • Loves going to the stores and sitting in the shopping cart
  • Can entertain himself
  • Extremely alert
  • Thinks the phone is for him when it rings…enjoys talking to people on speaker phone.
  • Favorite TV Channels: We have been watching some educational shows on Netflix. Bubble Guppies, Eek and Squeak on baby first, Story Bots, Sesame Street, Snugs House, etc.




More Little B…






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