7 Months Young

Busy Busy Bee

Our little one is really on the go now, pulling up and walking along everything he can hold on to. If Little B is awake, he is on the move! Check out some fun facts about him below and his development: Enjoy!

  • Wakes up happy….such a happy baby!
  • Takes 2-3 naps a day. Morning nap is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, mid day nap is normally about 30 minutes. Afternoon nap is kind of up in the air….
  • Has two bottom front teeth
  • Screams and yells and makes all kinds of fun noises to hear his own voice
  • Enjoys looking in the mirror
  • Dances to music…and most of the time he dances on beat!
  • Likes looking at shadows/shadow puppets
  • Drinks water
  • Drinks 3 bottles a day
  • Eats some table food along with combination purees and pouches
  • Crib had to be lowered…when you wake up to baby staring you in the face on the monitor…it’s time! Lol
  • Loves books, especially the ones that make sounds
  • Crawls really fast
  • Learning to use walker
  • Likes throwing things
  • Likes knocking things over
  • Enjoys baths
  • Doesn’t like laying down so diaper changes and putting on clothes can be interesting at times. We generally just give him something to occupy him and all is well.
  • Sleep at night is a little off due to teething. These poor babies go through all this to get teeth and then they fall out. Thank God we don’t remember teething. Thank you Lord!
  • Enjoys playing peak-a-boo
  • Intrigued by figuring out how things work
  • Loves sitting in the front of the shopping cart
  • Pretty much can entertain himself
  • Does really well at the doctors with shots, etc. He normally sits on the table and rips up all the paper before they ever make it into the room. Lol
  • Extremely alert
  • Thinks the phone is for him when it rings….enjoys talking to people on speaker phone.
  • Favorite TV Channels: Baby First Channel, Nick Jr., Disney Jr., PBS Kids, and Netflix He will watch pretty much anything but loves most things animated of course. We try to ensure he watches something educational. Baby First is an educational channel for babies. That’s still his favorite…he knows all his shows by their theme song. It’s hilarious to watch!




















More Little B…


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