Little B is One Month Young

Mama’s Little Peanut

Ok so he is a month and two weeks…I’m a new mom, give me a break! Giggles…

Why do they have to grow so fast?!?!?! I find myself being super mindful of saying things like “I can’t wait until he can do this” or “I can’t wait until he is old enough to do that”. I focus on enjoying him right where he is now. Infancy….the most precious stage of life, and unfortunately the shortest stage of life.

Some may find this stage frustrating, but to be honest the frustrations we deal with while caring for them are out weighed by the frustrations they go through when they are bought into this world. They don’t ask to come here, yet upon arrival so much is expected of them….before they themselves even know they exist! God has designed them to naturally adjust to the world, but it’s work for their little selves every single day. So I’ve taken this past month and a half to enjoy every single moment of this stage of our little ones life. Am I exhausted….ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!!! But ask me if I would trade it for anything else in the world…..Enjoy!!!

DISCLAIMER: I couldn’t chose a favorite out of these! He is just too stinkin cute! Mama’s little peanut!






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4 thoughts on “Little B is One Month Young

  1. These pictures give me baby fever šŸ’™ he is soooooo beautiful! And to have a mom as a photographer, what a BONUS! Continue to enjoy these precious moments. My baby will be two in July šŸ™ˆšŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜©…I remember when your mom was holding him as a baby. Blessings to you, Big B, and Lil B ā™„ļø

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    1. Awww thank you so much! Yes I remember holding him the last time we were out that way. He is a big biy now. Yes Im working to hold onto as many moments as I can. šŸ˜˜ā¤


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