9 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Dev, the faces you made in these pics are hilarious. But it was a pleasure to put this shower together for you with the help of your mom, sissy and (the other) Devin lol. Countdown to meet little man and I sure cant wait! I swear I missed some of the photo ops I’m seeing lol. But anyways I love your love and from that love you created love.

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    1. I my goodness I forgot to give credit to you and my cousin for doing the photography!!! You did an incredible job. It was organized, elegant and more than we ever asked for. To my Mother who has played a huge role throughout my entire pregnancy….I thank God for you! Thank you so much to all who contributed in any way. 🤗🙂😁❤


      1. Get all the sleep you can now, for you won’t get much for the first 6 weeks. Only the young have energy for that, lol! Are you reading every parenting book in sight? I remember my spouse saying that he couldn’t believe they let us take our son home from the hospital, we knew next to nothing! 😀

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      2. Lol….you sound like my parents. We have a few books and talk to trusted sources of course. We have a doula which has been super comforting. Sleep….what’s that? Im so uncomfy right now the most I get is about 3 hours but I rest as much as I can 🙂

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