We Appreciate You

Father’s Day Festivities

We haven’t quite figured out how to do Father’s Day or Mother’s Day for that matter together because their schedules kind of clash. I will say their days ended with smiles so we were pleased. To my dad, God could not have blessed us with a better protector, covering, leader, spiritual guide, and lastly a Father like the one he blessed us with. Thank you for paving the way and helping to keep us on the path. What a blessing to have two great father’s in your life. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – all pics were taken by cell phone so please excuse the focus…


img_2552_1529287248818769872903.jpg img_2550_15292872089331781953711.jpg img_2549_15292871205831637760820.jpg

I have to explain this facial expression. For those of you who know my dad, you know he is a joker! Sooooo, it only seemed fit to switch the shoes in the shoe boxes so he would think they put the wrong shoe in the shoes box (we got him two pair of shoes so one of each was in each box). His response was guys “I think we have a problem”….Lol! We also stuck his two exploding pop up cards in another shoe box so he though he got three pairs of shoes. Of course he figured it out, but his facial expressions were classic! Hehehe




Dinner at True Food Kitchen in Bethesda, MD




Brandon and his dad played a round of golf as his dad enjoys playing. Then to Friday’s for dinner. When I pulled up to the house his dad was outside dancing with his car music blasting. That told me he had a great time or that he really enjoyed the drinks at Fridays. Never the less he said he had a great day!

download_20180618_065811_1529337670471299858322.jpg download_20180618_064136_15293378103351078385350.jpg download_20180618_064124_15293377765301590740544.jpgdownload_20180618_064150_15293377208311711369704.jpg


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