Just a Purple Kind of Day

Nature Walk

I walk with my friend Lisa a few times a week and on this day we decided it was time for a change of scenery. We drove to one of my happy places…Brookside Gardens. I recently saw this stunning Lilac vine on my way home from my parents house and was on a mean hunt to find more. The gardens exceeded my expectations! Though I don’t recall seeing any Lilac, we were able to find some Japanese Wisteria in the fragrance garden.  While I don’t typically gravitate towards the Lilac scent, the Japanese Wisteria had a sweeter type of scent to it. Enjoy!

I have no idea what type of tree this is but it had so much character. It looked like it could come to life. The leaves on it were fern/feathery like…..very unexpected. It was far to big to capture the entire tree without trading in the detail so I settled for the trunk which I felt had the most to offer. We couldn’t help but wonder how old this tree might be…



DSC_4349I had no idea tree roots could grow up from the ground in this formation….who knew?DSC_4355At the Japanese Tea House, there was a group of kids feeding the Geese and their little ones. As you can see, the fish and turtles decided to get in on the free meal too! DSC_4361










DSC_4390I always appreciate the vibrant colors of Azalea’s…DSC_4381DSC_4394My first siting of the Wisteria was right outside of the Japanese Tea House. Their doing some landscaping and added this beautiful tree. I was happy to see the addition, but I couldn’t get as close as I wanted to since it was roped off. DSC_4400DSC_4401DSC_4406DSC_4409DSC_4411DSC_4414Wisteria overload coming right up…it began here in the Fragrance Garden. What a yummy scent!DSC_4415DSC_4416DSC_4420DSC_4422DSC_4423DSC_4431DSC_4432DSC_4434DSC_4435Not sure what these are, but they were in this little pond on the way to the Rose Garden… DSC_4436DSC_4438It was just a purple kind of day…though I don’t recall the names of these either…DSC_4443DSC_4446Here are the vines  of Japanese Wisteria draped above the walk way in the Rose Garden…I was in awe! By this time, it was getting dark, so I had to move quickly to get the shots I wanted.DSC_4458DSC_4464DSC_4465DSC_4469DSC_4470DSC_4474DSC_4475DSC_4477DSC_4478DSC_4481DSC_4482



3 thoughts on “Just a Purple Kind of Day

  1. So now I need a Wisteria tree… lol. Purple is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE color so you know I enjoyed all of these pics and may ask you for a few of them lol.
    Great job as always Dev.


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