Zion Home Experience

Church at Home

We attend Zion Church in Landover, Maryland and have continued to do so for over 10 years. It’s helped give me direction while shaping my life in many ways. We’re considered a mega church as we have over four thousand attendees and four different services. One of the most awesome aspects of Zion is their online campus which my dad (Pastor Matthews) created. Why is it so awesome you ask, because the online experience you see today was his vision. Along with the help of his spectacular iCampus team they made his vision come to life. We’ve been able to reach people all over the world thanks to technology. People who have moved away and want to stay connected, those who are sick and unable to leave home, people who are away at school, overseas, etc. While I’m not a huge fan of social media or even some technology, the iCampus has helped reach so many people across the world. Anyways, enough of my bragging on my daddy. He is a phenomenal man and I could go on and on about him for days!

We’ve been encouraged to host the Zion experience from the comfort of our own homes. This means you can enjoy church by using the Zion app on your phone, computer, iPad or you can hook the entire experience up to your TV. Invite some friends and family over and there you have it! My dad actually hosted the iCampus from the house on this day so most sessions don’t have all this equipment involved. One of the things I appreciated is when the message was over, we talked about it instead of walking right out soon to forget what had been poured into us. This was a more intimate crowd, but never the less it was a great experience. Take a look for yourself….enjoy!




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