Easter Day

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our family to yours! I hope it was as fulfilling as mine. My grandparents (moms parents) were the glue of the family…so ever since they passed, we haven’t seen much of them. Mom decided it was time to change that and invited them to dinner. She came up with the idea to make my two Aunt’s and my Grandmother a decorative Easter box. They were so delighted to receive them! What a joyous occasion…..it was an intimate crowd, but it was a fulfilling time spent with my family. Enjoy!






4 thoughts on “Easter Day

  1. I was legit thinking you didn’t take pics when i texted you Sunday lol. But I’m glad you have them here on the blog.

    That was a really sweet idea of your mom. May have to steal that and put my own twist on it.

    Love seeing pics of your family. Great job as always Dev.

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