The Year we tried Us again…

I decided to spare you the many posts of my memories of our dating relationship, so I put a few of our favorites into one post. Compiling all these moments made me realize how much fun our journey has been and how much we have grown. What brings me the most joy as I reflect is that we are still basking in our happiness. Enjoy!


Copper Canyon Grill

This was literally one of our first dates after getting back together. This was the date that let me know he came back into my life for a reason.

We went to Copper Canyon Grill in Downtown Silver Spring followed by Dave -N – Busters afterwards. We were goofballs from the start. 

Luray Caverns

Our first Valentine’s Day. I decided to do my hair the night before only to forget how humid the caves were. I asked Brandon half way through if my hair looked alright. His facial expression enough to make me realize things were not ok. Thank goodness I had an emergency hair tie in my bag.

Cherry Blossom Festival 

What a great day! The memories, the flowers, the food…good times!

Great Falls

The adventures we had here. These are pictures of both the Maryland and Virginia side. The day we realized we were both nature brats. We spent so much time here, climbing in places we should have, climbing trees, getting as close as we could to the water, etc. Virginia has so much to offer.

A Day in DC

I laugh every time I think about this day. It started off with Brandon trying to make Irish Oats for breakfast. Lets just say after 4 solid attempts, we ended up having yogurt parfaits which took all of 45 seconds to make, but we won’t talk about that too much. We were preparing to head to DC for the Cherry Blossom cruise. Mother nature decided she wasn’t ready for them to come out just yet and I never thought to check the website so we basically went on what we call the branch cruise. We still had a great time as you can see.

Savage Mills

Cute little shopping center just around the corner from home. It was quite the little treat.

United States Botanical Garden

Both of us purchased bikes so we could ride together. We forgot how much fun this was. We rode around DC for like 8 hours. We stopped off at the Botanical Gardens, ran into a parade and rode through Meridian Hill Park.

Mike’s Crab Shack

I remember on our walk into the restaurant this guy stopped us and said “you two are one good looking couple”. I guess he knew what he was talking about huh. Nothing like a seafood dinner on the water with a nice sunset to top everything off. We had a beautiful time here!

Brookside Gardens

After we got our new cameras (Nikon D3400 & Nikon D3300) we were looking to go shoot around. What better place than a garden?

 Alexandria, Virginia (Brandon’s old stomping grounds)

Brandon took me back to where he grew up in Virginia. It was neat to see where he hung our, got into trouble, hid old neighborhoods, etc. It was funny to see all the playground equipment he was now taller than. Check out that pack of ducks that were coming our way.

U.S. National Arboretum

A bonzi exhibit, some cool pillars, saving Brandon’t life from almost sitting on a snake, and lunch in Georgtown. What a day!

Carifest Caribbean Festival

Not sure if they bought this event back to DC, but it was jam packed the year we went. Great Caribbean vibes and had some of the best funnel cake we ever tasted. 

Assateague  & Chincoteaque Islands

If you ever want to see horses on the beach, this is where you need to go. We went to Assateageu after leaving Ocean City. One of our get lost on purpose ventures. Chincoteaque is where I took Brandon for his birthday. I think we went to the beach a total of 6 times this year. For there not to be one close by, that was a lot for us. What can we say….we are beach bums too!

The Outerbanks, North Carolina

This was the first family vacation my dad allowed you to go on…haha! He also told me you couldn’t return unless we were married. Good thing you proposed. Anyways, it was nice having someone for my dad to hang with instead of having to be with just us girls for the week. He also needed someone to beat in the bean bag toss game.


The 4th of July 

The first time our families met…one of my favorite holidays. Dinner was at my house and we drove over to the lake for the festivities. Our families meshed so nicely!

Rehoboth Beach

My family use to come here every year when I was young and stay in a beach house for about a week. I hadn’t been since so it was way over due and worth every bit of our time. Both of us agreed it was better than Ocean City.

Our first snow in…

So glad I didn’t have to spend this time alone. The amount of snow we got was more than I cared to handle by myself. I’m glad you were there to shovel our way out the front door, play in the snow, watch movies and whatever else I wanted to do that day.

Happy Valentersary

Valentine’s Day in 2015 is the day we decided to see where things would go. So since it doubled as our dating anniversary, we decided to call it our “Valentersary”. I made Brandon this huge frame with heart cut outs of a few of our favorite adventures along with the destination (map) next to it. You were speechless…Along with George the dancing monkey. Lol!

Linganore Wine Festival

HOT HOT HOT and more HOT! I don’t know how we ended up going in July, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As you know that’s one of the hottest months of the year. Mixing alcohol and heat is probably not the best idea but we survived. We stayed for hours, met good people, danced, and drank some good wine. 

Getting to the last post has made me realize how much I love funnel cake…haha

Thanks for checking out our journey, more to come!


2 thoughts on “The Year we tried Us again…

  1. OMG… so i remember you sharing almost all these pics and ideas with me while you guys were starting again. I love the walk down memory lane and seeing some of my most fav pics of you guys. I think this is where i started to say that “I love your Love”. You guys are the cutest couple i have ever witnessed and i can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both. And i can’t wait for the blogs to come *wink*.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was literally thinking that when I was writing it….how you have witnessed our entire journey. Thanks for being there and continuing to support our union lady. Love ya!


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