Christmas with the Family

Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

This was one of the most memorable holidays I’ve had.  We woke up and opened gifts in our Christmas pajamas. Then to my parents house for breakfast. Brandon and I cooked this year to included, scrambled eggs, chicken apple sausage, , buttermilk biscuits, baked apples mimosas, and grits (more like grit bricks but lets not get stuck there. We know how to make them but we rushed since we were all getting hungry…Lol!).  One of my sisters best friends stopped by on his way back to New York to join us. After breakfast we opened gifts and relaxed until it was time for dinner at Brandon’s parents house. One of the best gift exchanges this Christmas was the one between Brandon and Brittany. My sister calls him “Brother B” and he calls her “Sister B” so they got each other items that were engraved with their names on them. Super cute! My parents surprised the heck out of me with the new Nikon D750 as you can see by my facial expression . What is not shown is Brandon’s reaction as he was suppose to be photographing the moment but instead ran across the room out of excitement for me. He knew it was something I’ve been wanting and patiently saving and waiting to buy sometime in 2018. A lot of the pictures below were taken with it. I’m still adjusting so go easy on me. Lol!

Disclaimer: my family is a bunch of goof balls so please excuse the below behavior…laughter is life. Enjoy!

Our Home for the Holidays

The living room has a Christmas peacock theme…why…because I love peacocks and our couches in that room are blue so it works together nicely. The rest of the house is typical Christmas colors. I have no idea what I did with our tree skirt so we didn’t have one this year. Kali places her teddy bear on it almost every night. Not sure what it means to her when she does that or if that’s her gift to us, but it’s the cutest thing. I kind of missed that this year….






Christmas Eve Ginger Bread Houses


We opened one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. He got me a much needed laptop as the one I had was shutting down and decided to do what it felt like doing more than what I asked it to do. I got him an apple watch. The the funny thing is, most of what you see under the tree is for our family…this is before kids, should we be afraid? Lol…we both enjoy giving and doing for others.





Breakfast and Gifts with the Matthews Family 

















The Macons and Matthews all together for Christmas dinner at the Macon house 

The joy we got from seeing both families together warmed our hearts. There were so many laughs, smiles and priceless moments . Everything worked out beautifully! It was the perfect day that we never wanted to end.







Side note….this time last year, Brandon proposed to me. We have been married for 6 months today! What a difference a year makes. From our family to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!






5 thoughts on “Christmas with the Family

  1. I love to see you so happy friend. And I love to see how seamlessly your family’s have blended together. Such an awesome blessing. And beautiful and fun pics.

    Brandon is truly your Boaz.

    I love your love

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