The Mormon Temple

Festival of Lights

What a stunning place! As a child I would see this building from the road and I must admit it spooked me a bit. It’s quite intimidating. Once I entered the grounds of this gorgeous temple, my entire perspective changed. The visitors center is what’s open to the public. If my memory serves me correctly, you have to be a member upon other things to enter the actual temple. I was disappointed to learn this information especially after seeing the replicas they provided. I’ve never been on the inside of something so grand and was looking forward to it….but was not disappointed otherwise. The lights were illuminating! They had a reflecting pond which always leaves me in amazement whenever I see one. The inside of the visitors center had a display of Christmas trees and nativity scenes from all over the world.  I enjoy learning about how other cultures celebrate Christmas. This was a good time with gorgeous scenery. Enjoy!



Then back outside to see the actual temple in all it’s glory. Though I could not go inside as mentioned earlier, the outside was just as stunning.


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