Williamsburg for Christmas

Happy Holidays

Though this wasn’t a recent trip, it’s one of our most memorable experiences so I had to share. Take a look at what we did each day during our time here. Enjoy!

Williamsburg, Virginia…..HERE WE COME! We got up, went to work around 6 and left at 10am to hit the road. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then we continued our 2 hour and 47 minute journey to Virginia. It was a pretty smooth commute. We choose to stay at the Historic Powhatan Resort. Though we arrived early, our room was ready. Our room number was G133D on the upper level and which was very spacious. There were two levels, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, fully loaded kitchen, washer/dryer, deck and we even had a doorbell. After oohing and awwing over our home away from home we unpacked and realized we forgot a few things so we drove to the nearest shopping center and grabbed a few things from Walmart and Steinmart. We also went to this store called World Market that had some of the neatest stuff…had a rustic feel. Upon our return we took a stroll outside to checkout the grounds of the resort. They offered a pool, play ground, tennis courts, Bar & Grill restaurant, ponds, and more. We decided to head back around 4:30pm and managed to catch a beautiful sunset and relax as I beat Brandon yet again in another game of Jenga! It’s ok, maybe one of these days he can have my title. We left the house at 5:00pm to head to Busch Gardens for their Christmas Town event!


Busch Gardens Christmas Town – We took the shuttle from the parking lot to the ticket booth and began our walk through the thousands of lights. The displays were quite impressive in my opinion, mind you I’ve always been fascinated by lights so it may just be me. The pictures below really do it no justice. The light themes changed according to the Country to include: Scotland, Ireland, New France, France, England, Italy, and even the North Pole (map). We loved everyone moment of our time here from the food to the shops, the shows, music and the lights displays. Can’t wait to go back!


DSC_0138 (2)

DSC_0149DSC_0278DSC_0310DSC_0311DSC_0319DSC_0324DSC_0331 (2)DSC_0332DSC_0343

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We spent the second day of our trip in Historic Jamestown – This was a real treat! Breakfast was at the Bar & Grill restaurant on the resort grounds. Historic Jamestown is the actual historical and archaeological site where the first settlers landed and lived. There was soooo much history there. My coworker Chuck is an archaeologist there and was able to fill in any holes or questions we had. He was a spectacular tour guide and even treated us to lunch. He also introduced us to Ed who created all of these interesting things inside this small shed called the “Ed Shed”. There was a table of mini replicas he printed from a 3D printer. Lunch was outstanding! A nice sandwich and dessert…all I can say is that we left there more than satisfied. Our last stop was a museum that was one of the most preserved and well put together I had seen.

DSC_0584DSC_0621DSC_0603DSC_0633DSC_0644DSC_0647DSC_0668DSC_0672DSC_0732DSC_0680 (2)DSC_0707DSC_0714DSC_0657DSC_0687DSC_0694DSC_0698DSC_0684DSC_0720DSC_0736DSC_0726DSC_0487DSC_0540DSC_0545

Next, we went to what’s called the Jamestown Settlement. Here we saw a recreation of the James Fort and a Powhatan Indian Village along with replicas of the original settlers ships (Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery). They shared how the Indians hunted, cooked, where they slept, etc. One thing I appreciated most was that everyone was in character as if they were from that time period. They spoke to you as if everything was going on in real time around us. It was amazing how much they knew. We had a ball here and enjoyed the history lesson.

DSC_0743DSC_0749 (2)DSC_0755DSC_0760 (3)DSC_0811DSC_0964DSC_0966DSC_0949DSC_0955DSC_0793DSC_0796DSC_0798DSC_0800DSC_0806DSC_0795DSC_0814DSC_0763DSC_0766DSC_0772DSC_0776DSC_0779DSC_0788DSC_0970DSC_0889DSC_0921DSC_0940DSC_0927DSC_0932DSC_0935DSC_0899DSC_0909DSC_0879DSC_0861DSC_0885DSC_0903DSC_0948DSC_0868DSC_0895DSC_0854DSC_0836DSC_0847

Colonial Williamsburg also known as the Revolutionary City! We unfortunately didn’t get to scrape the surface of this lovely town. It was getting dark by the time we arrived, but we did get to see how they preserved the grounds to continue looking just like it did during those times. Again, the people who lived and worked in the town were completely in character. The fruit wreaths are a part of their holiday tradition. There were live shows, shops that sold things from back then, farms, fires for lighting and warmth, plenty of places to eat, carriage rides, and the list goes on and on. Looking forward to going back to the warmth and the coziness of this town.

DSC_0998DSC_0995DSC_0986DSC_0979DSC_0982DSC_1005DSC_1008DSC_1014DSC_1013DSC_0136 (2)

It was the last day of our trip so we woke up that morning and checked out at 11:00am. We went to one of the many Pancake and Waffle Houses we saw in the shopping centers. The food was nothing spectacular but it was good. After we ate we went to a couple antique shops and ended with a small park. We were so sad to go, but we knew we had to plan a trip to come back and explore some more!

DSC_1030DSC_0192 (2)DSC_1054DSC_1062DSC_0173 (2)





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