Homecoming Glow

I was invited to photograph my cousins homecoming again in October. This year, her mom had a challenge for me. She wanted me to experiment with using overlays to somewhat mimic her daughters favorite photographer. I was up for the challenge and recently thought about using a few overlays with my photography so this was perfect timing. I found a free program calledFotojetthat worked really well for the look I was trying to accomplish. While you can pay to get an upgraded version, I worked with what they offered for free for this project. I must say I’m proud of myself for this one. Take a look…Enjoy!

FotoJetr.jpgFotoJetw.jpgFotoJetx.jpgFotoJeth.jpgFotoJetl.jpgFotoJetp.jpgFotoJetj.jpgFotoJety (1).jpgFotoJetjj.jpgFotoJetw (1).jpgFotoJeti.jpgFotoJet.jpgFotoJety.jpg

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