The Macon Moon – Part II

Sunday, July 9th – Morning beach time before we start our day. Brandon decided we weren’t going back home and that we were going to open an almond factory right there in St. Lucia. So he took started trying to crack some open as Ernest showed us ( he made it look so easy). After 4 epic fails he finally was able to get one open. That whole factory conversation was left behind. Especially when he started thinking about how many would take to make one jar of almond butter. Below you will see an almond before it ripens and falls, a ripe almond, and the one he finally was able to open without smashing the almond to bits and pieces. Nice work Mr. Macon…I knew you could do it!



Breakfast at Armando’s with our favorite hostess…Rose. She was the best and always made sure we were well taken care of. I had the steak and eggs and Brandon got the french toast on bananas with bacon. After breakfast we ran into this really nice man name Russell who was one of the ground keepers. He proceeded to take a lot of the pictures you see below and showed us some gorgeous scenery and plant life. He told us to take our time as he continued to take pics and escort us around to the best location for pictures. He was just that nice of a person and we appreciated his generous hospitality. 







Following breakfast we caught the shuttle to the Sandals Grand Resort.…about 45 minutes away. Once we got there, we realized it was just that “Grand”. It was gorgeous and very polished. The lobby ceilings were nice and high it was super bright and airy and really open. There was a bar, waterfall, and fire pit area that overlooked the beach and pool areas. On our way to the beach area there was a nice fountain, they had tiki huts everywhere, swings in the trees for couples to lay on, and a nice pier you could make reservations to eat on. There were swings and a hammocks in the water. The water at this resort was a lot more calm. very still, quiet, and serene. This resort offered these gorgeous bungalows suites with a view. There were so many couples who were willing to take our pictures as everyone there was pretty much celebrating a honeymoon or an anniversary. It was like one big happy celebration with no kids. Don’t worry….we want kids. There was this nice couple who stayed in one of the bungalows who let us come in and take a look around. Yep, they had the nice little flooring where you could see the fish swimming beneath your feet. They had a deck with a trampoline where they told us to take pictures. Such a nice couple, all the way from California. I stopped complaining about the length of our flights once I heard about theirs.





We later indulged in some food after we finished playing on the beach. That jerk chicken was everythang! We also got quesadilla’s and a BLT with fries. So spoiled here…



The face you make when you just ate but your still hungry…



That moment when you look like you’ve been eating powdered donuts instead of pizza. I snapped this shot and then forgot to tell him to wipe it off so he was talking to all kinds of people with this flour from the pizza on his lip. Hehe!


Dinner on the Pavilion with my husband…still getting use to saying that. These pics were taken with a cell phone so I have to apologize for the clarity. They are the worst in low light. After dinner we shot a game of pool….look how big the table is! We couldn’t figure out why the pool table was so dagon big. It was the biggest we had ever seen. 




Monday, July 10thATV Tour through the rain forest where we met a nice lady by the name of Cynthia. We both have an Aunt Cynthia so naturally Brandon decided he was going to call her that. Her husband was working in the fields while she was selling some beautiful hand made clothes and items we bought while we waited for the others to return with the ATV’s. A few people told us not to go home without banana ketchup. While it didn’t sound to appetizing to me it was pretty good.

We were a couple miles into our journey when this pour girl fell into an aqueduct and her ATV fell on top of her. Everyone got off to make sure she was alright and she was. Not to be funny but we were so glad she fell where she did. The amount of cliffs and steep hills we passed would not have been pretty if she had fallen down one of those. On this tour we learned about the water wheel, an old locomotive, an old sugar mill, banana plantations, and slave ruins. We took a much needed break and the instructors provided us with mango’s and water to eat while we enjoyed this gorgeous view. This was my first time on an ATV so while I was holding the go pro you can hear me saying my good-byes to our families and letting them know that at least we will have died together and in such a beautiful place as Brandon proceeded to whip around the windy roads like he owned the rain forest and was riding alone. Every time the instructor stopped we were the only ones behind him. Which is why I was praying and saying my good-byes. I don’t know what kind of high tech ATV the instructor had Brandon must have thought he had one too!  I kept yelling at Brandon “your not an instructor!!!” Keep in mind you drive on the left side of the rode which is closer to death….I mean the edge. Anyways, we drove through a few puddles and down a few steep hills and I forgot all about being scared and was having a good time.




All dolled up for a quick drink and dinner on the Pavilion…




Sunset picture session on the beach with our personal Sandals photographer…Randell. If you want great pictures with unique posses ask for him. He will not disappoint! He even schooled me on a few tips for when I shoot. Great way to end our evening.



The Macon Moon – Part I, Part III


2 thoughts on “The Macon Moon – Part II

  1. Ok so my ultimate fav pic is the one on the heart stone pathway. But I have some runner ups now … here they go …

    1) the swings pic is adorable!
    2) the hammock pic looks like serenity.
    3) the pic on the ATV looks like fun. And typical Brandon and Dev adventures
    4) the blue chair pic you look like a diva! So pretty
    5) the silly pic on the stairs lol.

    Ok I’m done… on to part 3

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