A Day Off

We decided to take a break from all the wedding planning for our big day which is coming up next month might I add. After this weekend literally don’t have another free one until mid July. It was nice to have a few days where nothing was pressing so we took full advantage of it. Breakfast was super special. Brandon made pancakes and some how as he was pouring the batter it formed the shape you see below. We concluded it looked most like a sunflower which as you know is my favorite flower. It was nice and fluffy too…how sweet!


Next we made a quick run to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and grab some lunch. There was this Pho soup place we wanted to try. I remember seeing the word “Roman” but not sure if that had anything to do with the name of the place. This was the one in Columbia, MD. It was the only noodle place they had so it shouldn’t be hard to find.


Wilde Lake Park…what a unique place! The first set of pics you will see are from the first time I visited in February on one of those strangely nice (warmer) days we had. The whole time I was walking around I kept saying to myself “Brandon would love it here”. He proved me right! A lot of the images below are water mirror images. See for yourself…


So we returned to the park together.  It was cloudy all day long but the overcast made for some good pictures. The dam is the first thing you see when entering the path. There was a Blue Heron who appeared to be searching for food. The neighborhoods surrounding the lake were one of a kind. Each one had it’s own style, no cookie cutters here. They were full of character, greenery, and wild life. Some of the wild life was a bit much for me but hey, we are in their territory right? Brandon could not stop saying “I would love to live in this area”. Neither of us ever wanted to leave. On another note I hate cicadas and that rock at the bottom is creepy. Enjoy!







4 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. You take some really amazing pics honey! I know when I’m feeling adventurous I can just hit your blog up for some things to do. You never disappoint.

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