Kilgore Falls

This day started out at Rock State Park in Jarrettsville, MD…about an hour and twenty minutes from the house. When we arrived, we began our walk through one of the trails. We were looking for the water falls our google search revealed. We realized not even 2 minutes in that we were far from where we wanted to be. Back to the car we went. We googled the closest waterfall which was Kilgore Falls which is actually a part of Rock State Park and was only a couple miles down the road. You can see our journey below…Enjoy!


There were stepping stones that allowed us to cross over the falls. I didn’t have on the right shoes so I wasn’t to keen on that idea. So we decided to head back down to cross on lower ground. On our way down to the stone path…I fell! I got a nice little cut on my leg that I really felt later on. All I could do was laugh. It was such a fluke fall! Lol


After we crossed we decided to keep climbing to higher ground to capture some different angles. There were these eyes that peered over this rocky area as if they were looking over the falls. Probably watching over all the people as they jumped from the rocks into the water. All kinds of things were going on there that day.  There was a group of people recording a video of some sort, some standing around in the water, some were sitting on top while their legs dangled over the falls, etc. Apparently, it’s a popular place to come on weekends. I hear it gets pretty crowded. There is much more to this park, but we enjoyed the falls so much we didn’t get to explore it all.

The rock steps you see us standing on below allow you to climb over the falls as well. They were very sharp but again, I didn’t have on the right shoes so we didn’t move forward with that either. Although there were several people swiftly walking up the sharp steps…completely barefoot! No clue how they managed.


Back down we go and through the woods to get something to eat. I mean we gotta eat…It’s what we do!


Yep, he fell too! It was much better than my fall, but we won’t talk about it since we don’t have equal footage. Lol


We decided on dinner at Olive on Main back home on main street. I couldn’t find a direct website for it so “yelp” will have to do. I’ve lived in Laurel for half my life and never heard of or seen this restaurant. We ordered the crab dip with pita for appetizers, then for our main dishes I got lamb with rice and asparagus and Brandon had a Bison burger with fries. Listen to me when I tell you, if you are a fan of Mediterranean and Greek food, you need to make it a point to visit. This was a delicious ending to our day!






4 thoughts on “Kilgore Falls

  1. I love waterfalls this time of year – so full and loud! Looks like you had a sweet outing – sounds like you might want to invest in a pair of hiking boots (I swear by Timberland). You gotta take care of those feet and ankles, you need them! 😉

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  2. You guys are always on an adventure. I love it!! And you have one of your famous faces again. Lol.
    Hey no more activities for either of you that involve daminging either of your legs or ankles. Let’s make it down the aisle guys 😉.
    I still love your love!

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