First Spring Weekend

Gravelly Point Park

The weather was in the 70’s, Spring had finally sprung and I was itching to get outside. It was a dreary windy day. The sun decided not to join us and it was threatening to rain later on in the day. We didn’t let that stop us from enjoying ourselves. Brandon had never been to Gravelly Point Park so we decided to make that our destination. It’s where people go to see planes from Reagan National Airport take off and land. They get uncomfortably close for some as you look around and see the little ones covering their ears. Most are trying to capture pictures of them appearing to touch the planes. Some are so close you can smell the jet fluid! Due to the crazy winter we had here in Maryland, the Cherry Blossoms you can normally would see weren’t out. While there wasn’t too much to see there, you can always taking advantage of the wide open space for a picnic, toss a ball around, layout and let the planes fly over you, or you can engage in some exercise on the Mount Vernon Trail for a good workout. We plan to go back for a good bike ride soon! Enjoy!






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