Little Beauty

Happy 6 Months

What a little beauty! A good friend of mine decided if I ever fell on hard times or wanted to stay home when I had kids and still work that I would always have my God given talent to fall back on. What’s better than being able to work from the comfort of your own home while doing what you love and getting paid for it! She asked me to do her daughters 6 month photo shoot and I accepted. How could I turn her down?  It amazes me the people God places in your life who make you want to continue to do life to the fullest. She has definitely contributed to that for me, but that’s a another blog. We decided to do it at my house. She was such a joy to shoot and easy to work with! Those eyes were illuminating and sucked me in every time she looked directly into the camera. I surprised myself with some of the shots as this was my very first real shoot! I was so thankful for her faith in my skill and being able to photograph these moments in her daughters life! I look forward to capturing many more moments of this little beauty’s life.





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