The Drum Circle

One of my favorite memories in time. The day started off with a surprise picnic. Brandon showed up to my door with a picnic basket and a blanket. The weather was just as perfect as our day!






Sounds of the Park

I haven’t been to this event since I was in high school. The requirement appeared to be to have a good time while making music with anything you could find that would contribute to the riveting sounds you heard throughout the park. People had pots and pans, a homeless man was playing a tin can, another man arrived on his bike with two huge drums he clearly had for years. They were pretty taped up, but the sound that came from them was wonderful.  Nobody was there to judge or discriminate, EVERYONE was accepted. It was such a free spirited event. Nothing else mattered as everyone joined in to contribute their own sound. I can still see the people who got up to dance, the kids who ran out in the center of the circle to clap and dance around, the man who while playing his drum kept yelling out “GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!!!”, the flute player, the girl in the blue shirt who put everyone to shame with her moves, the guy in the tie-die shirt who was full of energy and seemed to jump completely off the ground every now and again, the dance instructors, the tambourine man, the father and son who came to make music together, and the list goes on and on.  Everyone should have the opportunity to attend something like this….or maybe I’m just a flower child of today as my mother often calls me.

This rhythmic event takes place at Meridian Hill Park  on Sundays around 5 or so. The park itself is a lively place to be with plenty of space to toss a ball around, ride bikes, or just sit and take it all in. I will say one of the best times to go is in the fall! If you are anywhere near the DC area…take the time to experience this event!








To top everything off, on the way home we caught a steel drum performance. The sound of this specific instrument is so elating! Gotta love it!




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