Cool Breezes of Miami

Another late post! The holiday season was really really full for me this year so I didn’t get a lot of time to blog. We took a trip to Miami where a lot of Brandon’s family lives so this was a great opportunity to meet them. The main event was his Uncle Pop’s 81st birthday celebration. Gotta love that name! While we didn’t get to take full advantage of what Miami had to offer, it was a good time! It was windy there, which apparently is their winter. Well lucky for them and yes I’m hatin! We choose to do a day trip to the Bahamas that I would NOT recommend…at least not using the cruise line we used. All I’m going to say is read the reviews first. We actually didn’t for once and regretted at least 6 hours of that decision. Oh well it’s something we can all laugh at today. Overall we had a wonderful time house hopping to see family, and eating good food with gorgeous scenery! If there is nothing else in Miami there is good food…EVERYWHERE!




South Beach

Though we wanted to spend more time here, we appreciated the 2 hours of sun we were able to soak up along with seafood platter from one of the restaurants on the strip. The only thing we didn’t care for was the calamari which is not like us. We love that stuff! It was something about how it was prepared and the texture. It was a bit much for the both of us. This area was full of excitement. The longer we stayed the more we saw and the more crowded it got.








Hollywood Beach

What a beautiful place! It wasn’t crowded, the sand was soft, warm, and fluffy. The water was gorgeous shades of greens and blues. There were shops and restaurants on the board walk along with every type of bike you could imagine. I thought that was kind of cool. The Margaritaville hotel is a nice little gem along Hollywood beach. I would say it’s worth the visit. Lovely views from their rooms!





We can’t wait to go back and spend more time with family and bask in the warm breezes of Miami!






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