Snow Days

While I don’t ever look forward to the cold, I enjoy the memories it allows us to create. These pictures are from last winter. ALL IT DID WAS SNOW!!!  After looking out the window of my guest bedroom, we realized it was going to be a long day. So, I put on a pot of navy beans as my grandfather use to do during the cold months. We threw on our snow gear and shoveled our way out the front door. I can’t remember how many inches it was, but as you can see it was a little over my knees. For me this is the best kind of snow. I’m not a fan of dustings, flurries, sleet, or any other messy types of snow. Those leave you a chance of still having to go to work. This type of snow is the can’t get out the house stay at home kind. My fav!




wp-1483891700237.jpgLunch from Blaze Pizza

wp-1483888324580.jpgAfter a long day of shoveling my house and my two neighbors houses, and playing in the snow, there is nothing like a nice meal, a movie and wine!  I made my famous brown sugar meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and spinach with a glass of Moscato! Warmed our souls!



Happy Snow Days!!!








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