I’m Thankful for my Grands

With the season of Thanksgiving being here, I wanted to make sure I shared how thankful I am for the blessing of generations of grandparents I had the honor to meet. I’m 34 years old and have physically met my Great Great Grandmother, both Great Grandmothers, one Great Grandfather, both Grandmothers, and both Grandfathers. Most of my friends don’t even know their grandparents so I don’t take them for granted. I’m the oldest of 9 on my mother’s side and second oldest of 9 on my father’s side. My sister and younger cousins were too young to share the memories I have of some of my grands. Though I was young to, the pictures I have display moments I hope to never forget.

The picture below was taken at my parents wedding. My mom’s parents are on the far left and my dad’s parents on the far right with the greats in the middle. The only one missing from this photo is my great grandfather who I know was there but my parents are unaware of the reason he didn’t  make the shot.  What a treasure to have captured this moment in time.

Left to right: (Grandmother) Shirley Braswell, (Grandfather) Jasper Braswell, (Great Great Grandmother) Carrie Lincoln, (Great Grandmother) Marie Shepherd, (Great Grandmother) Cherry Braswell, (Grandma) Sarah Riddick, (Grandfather) Frank Riddick


Carrie Lincoln

Here is a picture of me and my Great Grandma Carrie. I don’t have too many memories of her because I was very young when she was living, but I do have a few pictures with her. 


 James & Marie Shepherd

These are my Grandma Shirley’s parents. There names were Grandma Marie and Grand Daddy Shepherd.  The woman above in the picture with me is my Grandma Marie’s mother. I have plenty of memories with these two. You will see me in a family picture below sitting on my mother’s lap while surrounded by my granny’s. I remember visiting them at their home in DC . Whether it was for a family event or just to stop by and see how everyone was doing. Grandma would always offer me something to eat as granny’s often do. Not that my parents didn’t feed me or offer me food, but I think it’s in the make up of a Grandmother….Lol! I do recall her being able to talk your ear off if you let her. I just never really understood what she was talking about. She always use to give me these big hugs and pat you on the back. At least she thought it was a pat. I thought she left a hole when she was done, but it was all out of love of course.



Cherry Braswell

Grandma Cherry! This was my grandfathers mom on my mother’s side. She lived in Virginia all my life. While I don’t have many memories of her, I remember how much my grandfather looked like her. The way she smelled and the way she laughed and talked. I remember seeing her at the family reunions she was able to attend. I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with her to build more memories, but I’m thankful for the moments I was able to share.


Jasper & Shirley Braswell

These are my mom’s parents. My Grandma Shirley and Poppi is what I called them. The below picture is one of my favorites of them. I love a good black and white! What a stunning pic of them on their wedding day! They kept me during my younger years. The memories I have with them are uncountable, but just to name a few: My grandmother making breakfast in the mornings. Me flying down the hill in the back  yard on paper bags with my cousins and my sister while also jumping in the piles of leaves we raked together. My Grandparents cat (Tabi) whom I apparently terrorized during my younger years. Again, my grandmother would ask me if I was hungry then make me something to eat no matter my response. My Grandfather was so comical to me. He was always very cool, calm, and collective. I remember him sitting in his chair in the family room watching a tennis match or reading the news paper. He made sure there was a fire in the fire-place during the colder months and would let me help. I remember him letting me help him water the grass. The root beer floats he use to make me were so tasty. All the card games played on their dining room table. The large natural Christmas tree in the front yard my grandfather use to decorate every year. One of my fondest memories of being in their home was the living room being covered in wrapping paper after all 9 grand kids unwrapped their Christmas gifts. Lastly, but surely not least, the holidays we spent together as a family in their home.



In this picture is my grandparents, my parents and my mother’s brother and two sisters.


Frank & Sarah Riddick

Grandma Sarah and Pompsi! These are my dad’s parents.  My Grandma Sarah is my last living grandparent. I remember their home in DC where we would often go to visit them. I will never forget the oatmeal cream pies Granny use to keep in the pantry for us to eat. I would sneak to get more cookies every time, but she doesn’t need to know that. I remember the time me and my cousin stayed over and made brownies with my granny. We licked the bowl of brownie mix clean and ended up getting sick that night. They kept my sister when she was young. She thought Pompsi was the greatest thing in life. He spoiled her rotten! He was hilarious! He would fall asleep in mid conversation. When we asked if he was listening, he would always say he was just resting his eyes but that he could still hear us. We were pretty sure he was sleeping.  I remember the holidays spent with my dad’s side of the family in their home when Grandma Sarah would fill the table with yummy goodness! During my middle school years we lived in the same apartment complex as them and me and my sister would go visit every day if they weren’t already watching us while our parents were gone. Whenever it would storm, Granny would make us go in the closet and be quiet…no metal forks and no TV…we might get struck by lightning! I remember that flannel robe my grandfather would always wear ALL year round. No clue how he managed that one. Lastly, but by far not least, I recall all the times my grandmother should have told our parents on us but never did.  She said as long as we weren’t in any danger she would never tell. They later moved in with us which is the home my family and Grandma Sarah live in today.


My Granny’s

I like to call them Sarah & Louise! My two granny’s…I love that I was able to get so many pictures of them together. I made sure of it every time they got together. Aren’t they just the cutest?



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