Welcome to The Broadmoor

Colorado Springs

I haven’t been everywhere in the world by far, but if I could pick one place to return to it would be The Broadmoor! This was my first 5 star resort. Fresh off the plane the dry air hits you. It was very refreshing compared to Maryland’s hot and hazy humidity. As you walk through the airport, we were welcomed by the site of  mountains.  The ride to the resort was filled with nothing less than spectacular views as well. We arrived to our destination, checked in and was greeted with a nice reception on the terrace of the resort. We stayed in the Broadmoor west. All I remember is walking into our room and being moved to tears. Ok so I’m a big ball of mush, but I just couldn’t control it. I guess there was just something about it. By that time I think I was so taken by all I had seen by this time. It was a rather large room along with picturesque mountains right outside the window. You could watch TV in the bathroom mirror which was always nice while brushing or peeking out of the shower.  The beds literally put us to sleep every night. We woke up and never remembered how we fell asleep. The food was amazing and the staff was outstanding. Every single last one of them! If they couldn’t answer your question they would figure it out or get someone who could. There was no such thing as “I don’t know” or “I can’t help you”…it did NOT exist. Outside the back of the resort beyond the fire pit and over the bridge to the east wing is where you find the shops, infinity pool that opens to the Cheyenne Lake, restaurants, and spa! The guided tour into the mountains was invigorating. Texas Tom was a wonderful instructor and lots of fun. Our overall experience here was an exquisite one and I can’t wait to go back!







The East Wing


Terrace lunch…


Mountain tour with Texas Tom


The Spa Experience


The view from the spa after getting checked in and awaiting your spa treatment


Until we meet again…





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