Timing is Everything


Boy meets girl

The chemistry is so loud it’s seen by others…but stunted by bad timing.

They date for a few months, feelings grow and of course she wants to know where things are going.

He realizes…he isn’t ready for what she wants. He didn’t feel like his life fit hers at the time.

She grew tired of not progressing

Feeling her emotional attachment growing stronger, she pushed him away…as far as humanly possible to avoid getting hurt.

She moves out of her parents house and buys her first home…OH THE EXCITEMENT!!!

Only for him to end up living with in walking distance

He tries to spark conversations, but she quickly shuts them down. She has memories of their past when they had the opportunity to talk which didn’t seem that important to him then, or just maybe he really wasn’t ready . She had to protect her feelings.

They go their separate ways and find themselves in long-term relationships with other people

Other people didn’t work

 He has thoughts of her and how she was  doing, thoughts of the fun they had and the time they spent together.

She has thoughts of him as well, but tries her best to quickly eliminate them from her mind to avoid the heartache .

She talks to God and tells him she’s tired of starting over, meeting new families and friends, dealing with the awkwardness of the first kiss, learning why they do the things they do or don’t do, going beyond the surface talk trying to decide if it’s worth the investment and so on and so forth. She tells Him she doesn’t know if she has it in her to start all over…again.

She starts dating again, but this time just for fun

But even God has a sense of humor…

He sends the boy back to the girl

She stopped dating, though she thought nothing of his return at first, she was secretly happy yet terrified to let it show. She remembers how things were before.

She had to realize God needed to separate them for 3 years to mold them into the people he needed them to be for each other.

Now he is her smile…and she can’t stop doing just that!

This story takes place over the course of 4 years. We have known each other for a total of 16, but we had no idea anything would ever come of it. You know you’re in the right place when it’s effortless. God’s timing and not a moment sooner!

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