Patuxent Research Refuge

I entered this beautiful place of peace and serenity from the Laurel, MD side where you will find  the North Tract trails. You can learn more about this 12,800 acres of land by going to the links I’ve posted. President Franklin D. Roosevelt established Patuxent Research Refuge as the nation’s first wildlife research station through an Executive Order in 1936. The name for the research facility was later changed to Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, but the management of the lands and buildings remained as Patuxent Research Refuge. The research and wildlife conservation mission created in 1936 continues today with the close relationship and partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey. Welcome to the Patuxent Research Refuge Center. Here are pics of my ride through one of the trails.


Suspected or Known species on Patuxent Research Refuge

Patuxent Research Refuge Brochure

Map of the North Tract Trails

Map of the South Tract Trails

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