Golden Fields of Flowers

Butlers Orchard

This is a great place to visit with the entire family. I haven’t been here since I worked in daycare which was some time ago. When you arrive, the first thing you see is the farmers market. Next as you drive up to pay the admission fee of $3 per person, you see the sunflower fields on your left along with a variety of other flowers, herbs, and the vegetables they offer for picking. They also offer fruit, but we didn’t plan on picking anything other than flowers. I will tell you that bees love sunflowers! We literally could not detach the bees from them as we found the ones we wanted to pick. I had no idea they had that kind of grip. I realized as we walked through the field that I wasn’t a fan of the large sunflowers. They weren’t as happy as the smaller ones in my opinion and had more of a sloppy look to them. On the other hand, this was a good place to see which flowers the bees took to more than others for gardening purposes.
If you would like your own customized bouquet, they offer you a plastic container for $8. You can stuff as many flowers as you can into that container for that price. The sunflowers were 50 cents a piece. I had no idea how heavy they were until I had to hold them after we picked the ones we wanted.
After Brandon created a bouquet for me, we drove down to the market where we had the sweetest water melon and the best tasting tomatoes. They were called Heirloom tomatoes. They also carried honey sticks along with all kinds of other goodies! We did manage to leave empty-handed. Lol!










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