Jewel Box

I decided to start working on this project again as I never completed it. I think this was a rainy day project, so it’s been up on the shelf ever since. I like purchasing wooden boxes from craft stores, they can be used for so many things and they allow for a world of creativity. They also make great gifts. I listed a few of the craft stores below. You can also find a good variety at the thrift store (really wherever you can find one you like). Then just let your creative juices flow!
For this project I bought a square wooden box and painted it with an  acrylic silver paint. It was raining and I didn’t have anymore silver spray paint (can’t spray paint in the rain anyways) at the time so I used what I had. It’s worth the wait to spray paint it to avoid the streaks. I purchased a few bags of jewels that match my home décor. Lastly, I glued them on with Gorilla glue. That stuff will hold anything together! It has definitely made a believer out of me! I would like to seal it with a nice gloss finish to give it some shine to complete the job.
I will post the finished product of the jewel box once it’s complete. Though it’s not finished, I hope it inspires you to be creative!


Craft Stores: Michaels here, Hobby Lobby here, A.C. Moore here


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