Colors of the Sun

The warmth of the rays as the sun begins to rise and takes it’s place in the sky is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. The very first thing I do in the morning is open my blinds to let the light in. As the light touches my skin as it shines through my window, I am rejuvenated and filled with a sense of happiness. I am reminded of being a young child and my mother singing to wake me up in the mornings:

“Good morning, good morning, good moooooorning! The sunshine is shining today”

I would wake up beaming like a ray of sunshine with a smile on my face. I was a morning person right from the start and I still am today. Even as a child, I had some type of connection with the sun and how it made me feel. Whenever I would get sick, I would find the window with the most sun light shining through it and lay on the floor directly in it so its ray’s hit me just right. I would lay there for a good while. As I got older, if ever I wasn’t feeling well or if something was on my mind that left me with an unsettled feeling, I would step outside to enjoy its warmth. It always had a way of making me feel better.

One of my favorite places to catch the sun is at the beach. Please find the time to enjoy a beach sunrise/sunset. The experience is invigorating! To wake up early, slip on something comfy and head out to the beach when it’s still dark and almost nobody else is around feels like you are in another world. I find that the waves aren’t as vigorous, and yes it’s a bit chilly at times, but the reward of being able to sustain these conditions is great! The Outer Banks(here), is where my family goes to enjoy this every year.

As the sun goes down in the evenings, and I watch the colors form in the sky and they reflect off the things around me, I am reminded of its miraculous glowing light, yet only to anticipate the next morning when it rises again.

Here are a few of my favorite sunset pictures I’ve taken over the years. I hope you like them!

Laurel, Maryland (here). If you are familiar with the Laurel area, you may have heard of Konterra Drive where they are in the process of building a new shopping center. For now it’s a wide open space. There is a field I park right in front of to watch the sunset. Very peaceful…




Below you will see my edits first and then the originals. I love the cloud patters. While the originals are great, I sometimes like to play with edits just to see what I come up with…….kind of cool! These were taken with an older camera I no longer have.





Chincoteague, Island from our Comfort Inn hotel (here) , general information (here). I love how these came out looking like paintings.



Majestic Fire

Heaven Kissed

Assateague Island (here)…reminds me of the Lion King. I could have stood there all day as the sun went down. No filters were used here.

Simba's Pride



Outer Banks, North Carolina Beaches (here). The first picture was taken with my old camera. I love the dramatic affect the clouds add to the picture.







dsc_0501.jpgWilliamsburg, Virginia (here), Powhatan Resort (here). This picture was taken on the way back to the resort. I just happen to look over and see that glow. I had to capture it!



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