Sure you can borrow my face…


My Brittany! I’m older, but thankfully it appears hard to tell by others. I’m always up for compliments. Being the older sister I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and mature into the fabulous woman she has become today. She was my tag along when we were young, my mini me during my school years and now my twin! Though we are completely night and day on almost every aspect of life, we have always managed to stay close…even being 5 1/2 years apart in age. I had the pleasure of making all the mistakes first so that she knew which ones not to make, or at least so she could deliver a better outcome…Lol! She still chose to make a few of her own of course but she was able to learn from mine. Us older siblings didn’t have that luxury, but I will save that for another time. I admire her intelligence, and the strength and determination she uses once she sets her mind to doing something. Ok ok so I just wanted to brag about my sister. She is beautiful, strong, confident and will leave you in stitches of laughter after a few minutes of conversation. All I have to say is, one can only hope that if you have the blessing of a sibling in your life, that you will forever love and cherish them!                                                                                          







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